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The biggest carbon monoxide poisoning question

This video speaks to the most commonly asked question we are asked about carbon monoxide poisoning.

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Why isnt anybody on this site using oxygen or oxygen concentrator for carbon monoxide poisoning? Seems to be the only thing that works!

Louis from UK
URGENT: Please, why do I feel so terribly nauseous, days after exposure, and it's worse each day not better. Begins bad as soon as I get out of bed and then progresses through the day. If you can make sense of this for me I'd like to know.

Trying not to get stressed at the symptoms but the symptoms include permanent neurological and phsychological distress.

I'll give you one guess how much the Doctor knew about this?

Yes, you are right,... denied that it was the cause. Apparently, I should not be having symptoms but for self-generating stress after exposure. Don't the Doctors even read their own medical websites?

Thanks for sharing. What a plaesrue to read!
Cordelia from cRrQczlFs
Thanks for sharing. What a plaesrue to read!

where can u find a Dr that knows something abouthis
mary from new jersey
Ive searched everywhere in my area and cannot find anyone knowledgeable in Carbon Monoxide.
I am now having multi chemical sensitivity & cant take any Rx med & few over the counter.
I am allergic to so many things now & cant take a med for it. Its pretty scarey.

Darcy Niblo from Denver Co.
Are there reports of anyone that was poisoned. And now has no effects of the poisoning?Im so greatfull i found this site!!!!

Ernie from USA
Good video. Thanks

AFTER LOOKING ON THE WEB AS ONE DOES FOR ANSWERS THERE SEEM TO BE A NUMBER OF VIDEOS OUT THERE THAT SUGGEST HBO AS THE ANSWER; WELL IM CERTAINLY NOT GETTING THAT FROM YOU GUYS AT CO SURVIVOR. SO WHO DO I BELIEVE; IS HBO ANY GOOD SO FAR DOWN THE LINE(4 YEARS FOR ME);I personally would like all the info you have dumped on my lap so i candecide what to do now!! I thank you for you;re efforts in this group.Is there anything really that can be done for those of us with brain injury.....I am really beginning to have my doubts....by for now Karl vb

Thank you
Christine from Ohio
It is very hard in the beginning here I am 8 years later and I still don\'t under stand a lot. I found 2 great doctors. My general doctor and my heart doctor. They have been a great help. The doctor I had before when I had the poisoning was no help at all. He didn\'t believe there was any after effects and I suffered. My illness became worse due to it.

Life for us is a a day to day survival. No it isn\'t easy but we need to see it as that we need to see it as surviving. Because no matter what we beat death. Carbon monoxide kills we beat it.

Diana from ARIZONA
Carbon monoxide survivors, in the beginning are not sure of anything! Trust in yourself and take your health into your own hands! It has to be done Naturally since we cannot use the normal medical. Naturalpaths specialize in balancing the bodies systems. It is now a lifestyle of healing daily. Expect to NOT be believed. Expect to heal in the future if you are detoxing and repairing your body daily. Knowledge and research will guide you to successful healthy living! Never give up! This program has alot of the best detoxing treatments already tried by survivors! It is a healing journey of life!
In Healing Light to All

Very good
Exactly my question when I was poisoned. And it was only after I took my own health into my own hands that I began to improve.

So true
I went from doctor to doctor for years and accomplished nothing except draining my bank account to almost zero. None of them seemed to know anything other than copoisoning is very dangerous but after that, you should be ok.

I\\\'ve struggled with my health for years and this site seems to be the only place that knows what survivors really face.

Your recovery program is a Godsend. Thank you. Thank you. Finally I\\\'m getting answers and my health is improving.

John from NM, USA
Well said.

Questions? Want to share your opinion? Do it here...
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