A guide to carbon monoxide...

Carbon monoxide detectors

  • Carbon monoxide detector info
    A carbon monoxide detector is your front line defence against the invisible odorless tastless enemy that kills and injures. A detector could save more than your life, it could save your health. If you don't have one, get one!
  • Carbon monoxide detector standards
    Carbon monoxide detector standards are key to saving lives and preventing injury - but there is controversy...
  • Carbon monoxide detectors types
    A carbon monoxide detector is your first and best line of protection against carbon monoxide leaks in your home. There are two types of carbon monoxide detectors...
  • Carbon monoxide detector placement
    Carbon monoxide detector placement is critical to the reliable functioning of the detector. Proper placement can save your life...
  • Carbon monoxide alarms
    There are many carbon monoxide alarms on the market. We've cut through the noise and narrowed it down...
  • Carbon monoxide detector beeping
    Always treat the sound of any carbon monoxide detector seriously - your life and health could depend on it...
  • CO2 detector
    With the massive amount of media attention about CO2 over the last several years it is no surprise that people often refer to a carbon monoxide detector as a CO2 detector...


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