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This unintentional carbon monoxide expert learned his subject the hard way: by being poisoned by carbon monoxide, not once, but many times.

William Hart knew that something was wrong with his health but had no idea that he was actually suffering with symptoms of chronic carbon monoxide poisoning caused by an improperly installed furnace in his home.

After five winters of breathing unsafe carbon monoxide levels the furnace then seriously malfunctioned after a power outgage. It spewed a large amount of carbon monoxide gas into his home and he suffered from acute carbon monoxide poisoning.

Found unconscious and almost dead by a neighbor he was rushed to hospital where he was incorrectly diagnosed and left untreated for several hours until a carbon monoxide test was done.

Poisoning was only the begining of what turned out to be a long hard journey on his road to becoming an "experiential" carbon monoxide expert.

Left with long term symptoms and effects and unable to function anywhere near the way he once did, he was thrust into a medical system that was unable to help.

One health specialist after another seemed unable to offer any solid explanation or relief from the ongoing effects of carbon monoxide poisoning. In fact, many "treatments" made his ongoing effects worse.

Trapped in the depths of a long list of health issues, healing and recovery seemed light years away. A happy healthy life looked to be a thing of the past.

Refusing to accept a life sentence of endless symptoms including extreme physical and mental exhaustion, extreme food and chemical sensitivities, symptoms that would rise and fall for no apparant reason, and a brain that wouldn't work he took responsibility for his own health and recovery - at a time when he was least able to do so.

His carbon monoxide damage drove him to intense research, meetings with hundreds of health practitioners, scientists, and survivors the world over. Through the many lessons learned along the way and his own recovery he became a unique carbon monoxide expert.

He went on to become one of the founders of carbon-monoxide-survivor.com, a web site for survivors of carbon monoxide poisoning. This has given him a unique "global" insight into the world of carbon monoxide poisoning including the impact it has on survivors and their families.

He is available for media interviews can be reached using contact us on this website.


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