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Carbon monoxide poisoning a few months ago: I think I am ok. Could it still be affecting me?

The after effects from carbon monoxide poisoning can range from nothing all the way to symptoms that are very obvious - or anywhere in between.

Subtle effects are the hardest to identify but can still be very real in their impact. It takes time and awareness to notice some effects and how they reveal themselves.

The only way for a survivor and their family to minimize the long term impact of poisoning is to learn in advance about the potential ongoing effects, become more aware, and take the appropriate action.

Becoming informed as to what could happen and what to look for is extremely important. Learning to recognize and identify the after effects, especially the subtle ones is crucial.

The ongoing effects of poisoning may not be immediately obvious yet still have a significant impact on a persons life. This can happen without a survivor ever understanding that it was the poisoning that altered the direction of their life.

Some survivors are impacted by poisoning with a diminished sense of awareness and may have difficulty recognizing or admitting-to behavioral changes. Some behavioral changes may be clear to others (especially to people close to the survivor), others may not be. After poisoning symptoms and after effects may reveal themselves in different ways.

As serious as it may seem, it is important to know what could happen so the long term impact can be minimized or better yet, prevented.

The after effects of carbon monoxide poisoning can make concentrating, reading, absorbing, memorizing information, and completing tasks more difficult.


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It\'s the landlady\'s fault
Heidi nn from Illinois
I live in a section 8 house and the squirrels went up the chimney and packed it full of their garbage. We called the landlady and told her and we weren\'t feeling too good and she needed to come check it out. Well 2 wks past before she sent her husband over here. She told us that he was working alot at work and when he had some spare time he would be over. I called the dr because I wasn\'t feeling so hot and my muscles hurt in my leg and I was sick to my stomach and headaches were unbearable. I had my flu shot but something was wrong. He did a arterial blood gas and sent me home. I was feeling horrible and he said come back in 2 days. When I went back he was mad because my level was 8.2 and hospital never called to tell us, so we all had to go to er to get tested and treated. I startd treatment when I got there and my hubby and kids got their levels checked. My husband was at a 9.4. It\'s not supposed to go past 1.50. Had to do follow up blood gas and was a 6.6 so back again I went. Her husband finally switched the water heater out to electric because the carbon was so high that it melted the 3 rings off the water heater. he fixed it half fast and said he would be back on Monday but this Monday will be 4 Mondays ago! They haven\'t called to check on us or anything! I am having more probs on account of all ready being sick. We could have died and all she\'s worried about is more rent. She all most doubled it because of repairs. She hasn\'t really repaired anything, this new water heater was pulled out of someone elses home and is more then 7 yrs old, it still has the tag on it!. We are suing this crazy lady!

Do yourself a huge favor and seek medical attention
Greg from SW Ohio
Carbon Monoxide comes from any form of fossil fuel . Natural gas , heating oil , coal (charcoal) , wood , etc .
Any form of combustion , including the engine/exhaust in those buses contain potentially harmful levels of CO especially if the combustion source is not "tuned properly." What you describe are all symptoms of CO exposure and don't be mislead by rumor or myth . Removing yourself from the CO source is not necessarily the cure . There is always the possibility of long term damage to your body depending on frequency and exposure levels . Even smoking a cigarette can elevate CO levels in the body to the point of being dangerous . Explain to your family doctor the entire situation and they can provide the proper course of action to determine if you require further treatment for exposure . Pass the word to your colleagues and passengers . Don't ignore the warning signs your body is sending out as you may find one day , you're not around to talk about it .

Can I get carbon monoxide poisoning from a bus?
Diana from massachusetts
I drive for a small bus company and for a while now I havent been feeling well and so have other employees there. All similar symptoms. I have headaches, my eyes get irrated, extreme fatigue, my stomach bothers me, body aches. As I was asking another employee their symptoms he said all the same but he said he has been getting confused lately, like can't focus right. I brought up the possibilty of carbon monoxide and we are curious. The company is very poor in mechanics and the buses re very old? Should we get blood tests done for carbon monoxide?

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