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Carbon monoxide poisoning and brain injury/trauma

Carbon monoxide poisoning can cause cellular injury/trauma throughout the brain and body. It deprives all cells of oxygen and has a toxic effect.

Carbon monoxide poisoning can cause physical brain injury/trauma

Physical brain injuries are typically caused by physical impacts. However, carbon monoxide poisoning can cause physical injury from cellular destruction/damage caused by oxygen deprivation.

Carbon monoxide poisoning can cause toxic brain injury/trauma

Toxic brain injury/trauma can be caused by exposure to any number of neurotoxins including heavy metals, pesticides, solvents and fuels, chemicals in the work place, heavy smoking, heavy drinking, heavy drug use, or the toxic effects of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Carbon monoxide poisoning can cause emotional brain injury/trauma

Emotional injury/trauma can be caused when a person perceives they have little or no control over what is happening to them.

  • Acute emotional injury/trauma can be caused by any event that has a strong one-time emotional impact such as being a victim of a crime, the death of a loved one, or being in an accident. A carbon monoxide poisoning accident often violates a survivor in what is supposed to be a safe environment: their home, vehicle, work, camper, etc. The survivor did not see it coming and had no control over what was happening.

  • Chronic emotional injury/trauma can be caused by ongoing stress such as living under constant financial stress, being in an abusive relationship, or even living with partner that has a brain injury. After poisoning a survivor could face high levels of ongoing stress due to major life changes.

The carbon monoxide poisoning triple whammy effect

Carbon monoxide poisoning can cause a "triple whammy effect" of physical, toxic, and emotional injury/trauma all at the same time. Any of which can impact brain functioning and the physical, mental, emotional and behavioral, and social aspects of a survivors life.

All forms of brain injury/trauma can alter brain functioning

Brain injury/trauma can cause parts of the brain to "lock" or easily be "triggered" into a fight, flight, or freeze response which then affects behavior in many ways ranging from subtle to extreme.

Brain injury/trauma can cause the brain to get stuck into or easily switch into a "hypervigilant" state, meaning the brain locks into a state of trying to be ready for what may be coming next. This can cause the brain (and therefore the person) to be easily triggered, reactive, and unstable.

The brain is unable to be "hypervigilant" all the time. This can result in a range of problems including difficulty concentrating, impaired memory, emotional outbursts, slowed thinking, depression, exhaustion, and other effects.

This can disrupt sleep rhythms and the ability to sleep properly which then further negatively impacts health and the life of the survivor.

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I have a Carbon Monoxide story for you
PWalter jr from Live in Washington

In 2008 July I needed to replace the hot water in heater in my house. Ah thats easy.. couple water lines, no sweat.... I did not VENTILATE the small wash room where the Furnace water heater washer dryer was.... I disconnected the venting to the hot water heater..and the furnace.... Finished the hot water heater maybe 3 hours while my now ex while was shopping. Then it hit me while she had driven us to the hardware store. Why are we here? WTF are we doing? WE are what? changing the water heater? Why? No WTF are we doing.... We got back to the house and the neighbors had come over to see how I had done.. I was not talking now. for a while i think I was not talking? But awake. I will have to ask the ex about that one. She took me to the hospital the next morning. I am not sure what they said at the hospital. I can remember parts of it, but I don't remember what they said was wrong or what to do other than go home you'll get sicker here..I had a couple days off work and tried to go back but was not really there they sent me home. would not let me drive myself. BTW got fired from that job a few months later...

I would like to continue but it think it would not be too good to throw it all at you at once...
Still in the cloud...............

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