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Carbon monoxide poisoning cellular damage

Carbon monoxide poisoning causes physical, toxic, and emotional trauma that can [seriously] damage and affect cells throughout the brain and body.

As simple as it may sound, the injury caused by carbon monoxide poisoning can be described as cellular injury that causes or triggers cellular malfunctioning - which in turn can cause or trigger a wide range of health problems.

Carbon monoxide related damage can impact cells and their ability to function properly. A basic biological understanding is that "if our cells don't work properly, then we don't work properly."

Carbon monoxide can travel in blood plasma and cause cell damage without ever binding to the hemoglobin or showing up on a blood test. This "free" carbon monoxide in the bloodstream can trigger cell death of the lining of the heart and blood vessels, leading to atherosclerotic heart disease. The same process also appears to kill brain cells responsible for memory and learning.

While a survivor may look, sound, and appear "normal", they may experience a range of symptoms and effects. This can cause them to function in a [subtle or significantly] different way in comparison to their pre-poisoning life.

Even minor carbon monoxide damage can have a significant impact on the life of a survivor. Why? Because it only takes a small shift to the rudder on a sailboat to send it way off course (to an unintended destination).

Carbon monoxide damage can alter cellular functioning which then in turn alters the functioning of the survivor - potentially on many different levels.

When cellular functioning changes then thoughts, feelings, and behaviors can change. This can lead to changes in self, relationships, careers, interests and a survivors overall life experience.

This frequently happens without a survivor or their family ever understanding that it is because the [ongoing] effects from carbon monoxide poisoning are stalking them.

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robert from usa
cannot move right hand right arm feels like bee stings, right foot twitches and muscles in back of leg are numb. can walk but took months to be able to. 9 months since exposure. see no improvement

I'm Exposed to car fumes 6 hours per day. Am I OK?
Emma Jean Foster-Fiege from Seattle, Washington
I work in a parking lot, directing traffic, stopping cars, showing the where to park when a space becomes available. These folks do not turn off their engines at all. Sometimes I have to walk away and catch a whif of some less polluted air. I'm exposed to car fumes 6 hours per day. Am I OK? Can I get cancer? I'm a singer who's been at this day job as traffic controller/security guard for two years.

I wish we'd have known...
Mary Kaye from Grieving due to loss of husband to post CO poisoning atherosclerosis
In Sept, 2000, my husband, a firefighter, went down in a fire. He was gratefully revived. Yes, it changed our lives, but we fought like hell. He was perfect. He was sharp as the sharpest tack. He insisted it was more difficult to memorize things, but it was only evident to him alone. Sadly he died in October, 2011. He developed atherosclerosis in spite of how well he took care of himself. He did everything right. He jogged 10 miles just 3 days prior to his death. He dropped as he was running & never came home again. He had three subordinate arteries grown around the back of his heart. In spite of taking bloodwork & other typical tests just a couple Weeks prior, no issues were found. Now I see.this & am given new info. We were told to watch the organs, , not the cellular system. My sweet husband died for nothing.k6

Michael N from US
Never really thought about it in terms of cell damage but having been poisoned I can say "cellular damage" is right on the money. That's exactly what has occurred.

Susan P from California
My guess is that most people have never even heard about the endocrine system, let alone what it does. That said, hormones make the world go round and anything that disrupts hormone production can have nasty effects on the person (or animal) that has been affected.

Scott from Ontario, Canada
For the first time since my CO poisoning I now have a understanding that actually makes sense of why I feel the way I do and why I have the symptoms. Thank you to this website.

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