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Carbon monoxide poisoning
How to help support recovery

This video covers how to help support recovery after a recent carbon monoxide poisoning. It's information every survivor should know.


How to support recovery after a recent carbon monoxide poisoning

  • Drink lots of good water. Use a water filter at minimum. Drink room or body temperature water as it places less burden on the body. Sip slowly throughout the day as it is easier for the body to process smaller amounts.

  • BSF is a product we have received more positive feedback from survivors than all others combined. When taken consistently and frequently in small quantities it is highly efficient as a trigger for self-healing.

  • Avoid stress of all kinds:
    • Reduce or avoid heavy physical or mental workloads
    • Avoid toxins wherever possible including household cleaners, dust, vehicular traffic, paints, cigarettes, 2nd hand smoke, hair spray, chemicals, etc.
    • Avoid caffeine and stimulants
    • Reduce stimulus (crowds, TV)
    • Avoid drinks or foods containing artificial ingredients such as colorings, preservatives, aspartame, etc.
    • Avoid junk food, candy, sweets, and be cautious with sugar intake (your body may have a harder time balancing blood sugar and this could lead to mood instability and/or fatigue)
    • Reduce electromagnetic exposure (use the speaker phone for mobile or cordless phone calls)
    • Eat smaller and easier to digest meals. A digestive enzyme before meals may help (most health stores have them).

  • Learn more about the potential symptoms and after effects of poisoning and ask people close to you to learn more. They may be able to notice things you don't.

  • Keep a carbon monoxide journal until you and your family are confident you have fully recovered. Keep track of date, emotions (especially frustration, anger, rage, upset, or depressive emotions), physical health, energy levels, observations or comments made by other people (particularly conflict or criticism), other things that you think could be related.

  • Get plenty of rest.

  • Much more can can be done if you feel you need it. The recovery support rogram covers how to create a stronger environment within the body to help support recovery from carbon monoxide poisoning.

Also see: I was poisoned recently. What can I expect?

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Questions? Want to share your opinion? Do it here...
Still get it
Richard from PA.
I get gasses everyday this is set up in a home that I rent an apartment from I live on the second floor and the gasses either come from downstairs apt otr an area hidden on my floor i also have an attic space that has voids before going out to the roof ends I have pulled off paneling at areas where the voids are the voids are large enough to crawl thru.I also have found pinholes in my walls and have heard drilling from other areas of the apt.One area of my living room has 2 identical holes on in each corner of the room the height and position of the holes is identical that is what made me suspicious especially in a corner ( who hangs pictures from a corner)

worried about carbon monoxide levels in my flat
Dave from London
I just had a mandatory annual gas safety check done, and I was assured that there was no gas in the air whatsoever.

However I am disturbed by the printout of the test results, which are not normal. I have both my windows at the front and back of my flat open day and night one inch, the test was done right next to the gas meter in front of the window that was open, and without any gas appliances on, as I have the heating switched off right through the winter.

Here are the readings;

Fuel; Natural Gas, Flue gas analysis

O2 15.7%
CO 14ppm
CO2 2.9%

Ratio 0.0005
Pressure (mBar) 0.04
Temp net (C) 32

Temp flue (C) 48

Eff net (%) 95.6

XS air (%) 304.1

I think the CO2 level in this reading is very high for fresh air, for a room that had had no one in it for several hours, with the wind blowing in through that window, except for the gas company representative who was only in there for ten minutes, and the room is 5 metres square with high ceilings, unless he was stood breathing right into the monitor like a fool. He was not smoking, so that was not the cause of the CO, and I think the level of the CO is very high myself, if there is zero gas leak as he stated I had no gas leak whatsoever, though I know that this being a city, the O2 content will be way below the healthy 21% that it should be, as this is a sea level city and 21% O2 is normal at this land level in less populated areas.

Does anyone know if the gas representative was wrong in telling me I had no gas leak? Also, does anyone know if that level of CO is toxic at that kevel short or long term? If I were to close my windows in especially bad weather as I do sometimes, I bet that CO level would absolutley rocket.

Food and carbon monoxide saturation; a reply to a question
Bob from Montana
The meat industry has used carbon monoxide to keep the "red" color prominent for longer periods of time. They feel no one wants to buy fresh cut meat that is grey in color while still fresh to eat, before expiration time.

Meat that is barbequed is exposed to thousands of PPM (parts per million) of carbon monoxide before eating.

For the decades that smoking was allowed in restaraunts (in U.S.) all food groups were exposed to low levels of carbon monoxide continually. Oh, and the people eating there were also exposed continually through inhalations.

I am not sure if I am answering your question fully, but suggesting that eating food saturated with carbon monoxide has been occurring for a long time.

foods exposed to carbon monoxide
no comment, my question is, \"if food has been left out and exposed when carbon monoxide was released, is it dangerous to eat?\"

Can I get it
Is it possiable to get Carbon Monoxide Poisoning
from driving a school bus? I am told i have lung diease and have been treated for bronchitis for two years just told it has been lung diease but could it really be Carbon monoxide poisoning?

Why aren't victims told this stuff
Feather from UK
Victims are not told this stuff because the majority of people are narrow minded and are competent only in their field.

But of course the worst situation is when the person thinks that he knows already everything and doesn't need to read anything else. That is why it is very important to check and doubt everything you were told. In such a way there is more chance that you'll find something else that can be very useful.

Thank You for clearing up my confusesion.
Ted Wlizlo from Brooklyn, NY USA
Recently, do to the extra ever heavy NYC snowfall and winter (Jan 2011), I became exposed, over the course of ten or so days, to carbon monoxide due to an overworked and under-cleaned gas furnace that was jerry rigged, by a neighbor, to by-pass a relief sensor so that it would stay on because it was starving of ventilation and air. I slept directly above this furnace in the living room of a brownstone; about five feet above. Luckily for the high ceilings and railroad style layout or it could have been worse. When I mentioned it to others they said it was in my head stating they did not feel or smell anything.
But nevertheless I have not been feeling myself and it has been over ten or so days since I got oxygen at the ER. Yes, I have been dehydrated and am somewhat relieved to know why I have been feeling sluggish and have had a constant head ache and lost a little weight.
Thank you for the tips, more than I got from the ER.

School Bus Driver feeling Sick
Maureen Coleman from Ontario
I have been driving a spare school bus and feel something is wrong. This morning after dropping off the students at the school I could not see properly. Looking into the back of the bus the kids were all blurry and the faces were jumping.
This is an old bus and it also makes me feel sick. I have a funny feeling in my throat.

i refused to drive the bus.
I was going to take a second bus for my second run but felt upset and confused. I could not concentrate on what they were saying to me.
I went home sick.
I also felt confused.

my girlfriend just found out she has carbon monoxide poisoning. I\'m so scared its not even funny. I hope this helps her. Thank you so much!

Sandy from West Virginia
I was released from the hospital today and the doctors said nothing about recovery as this article does, thanks so much

Good info. Thanks!

Thanks for the idea about keeping a journal.

Some stores carry it but not that many. However, please use the link above as we receive a small referral fee that goes to help support this site and other survivors.

Jacob from Wisconsin, US
This is way better than being pumped full of expensive pills that just make things worse. Can I buy the Brain On in a store or do I have to get it online?

Ian from UK
Excellent information. Thank you.

The idea that a recovery from CO poisoning can be helped by doing a few simple things makes a lot of sense. Why the hell aren't victims told this stuff?

Questions? Want to share your opinion? Do it here...
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