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Keep a recovery journal

As part of the recovery process it is strongly recommended that every survivor keeps a recovery journal.

A journal can be of great assistance if a carbon monoxide lawyer, insurance claim, or disability application is needed. People tend to forget (especially if any level of brain injury is a factor).

Even if the survivor says they feel "fine" it is strongly recommended.

About the carbon monoxide poisoning event(s)

Have somebody write in as much detail as possible, everything known about the poisoning(s) and the circumstances surrounding the poisoning(s). This serves as a record that may well be needed in the future.

Keep track of carbon monoxide symptoms

Keeping a recovery journal can be very beneficial in helping to recognize symptoms and after effects, particularly subtle ones.

Keeping a recovery journal is simple

All that is needed are a few points:

  • the date

  • physical health / symptoms

  • energy levels

  • emotions - especially frustration, anger, rage, upset, depression, and/or more extreme emotions

  • observations or comments made by other people (especially conflict or criticism)

  • anything else that could seem related

In circumstances where more than one person was exposed, it is recommended that a separate journal for is kept each person.

Until each survivor and their close family are confident that the survivor has fully recovered it is strongly recommended to keep journaling - even if it is only occassionally.

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can my doctor test me for exposure
tina from orlando
I had a stove in my house which was not set right for the gas supple in our house so it would constantly burn yellow and leave black grease like marks on my pans there for all the time I must have been breathing in CO this has been the case for some 5yrs can I get tested for cell damage etc.

I'll do it
Good idea. Thank you.

Very helpful
Michael from UK
Wish my physician had told me this. It's been years now and I still have a hard time keeping track of things. So keeping a journal would have been very helpful if I had done this from the start.

Great idea
Susan P from California
This is an excellent idea and I wish doctors automatically recommended this kind of thing.

All to often survivors of brain injury end up going years before realizing that legal action is necessary and then it can be a tough job for the survivor and their family to piece together events and dates as they try to build a case.

Questions? Want to share your opinion? Do it here...
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