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Carbon monoxide poisoning
Physical symptoms and after effects

Physical symptoms and after effects of carbon monoxide poisoning come from injury to the brain, other areas of the nervous system, and to cells throughout the body.

Carbon monoxide poisoning can result in:

  • Exhaustion and fatigue

  • Reduced muscle coordination and balance (instability when walking)

  • Involuntary muscle twitching/jerking

  • Tremors and Parkinson like symptoms

  • Problems regulating body temperature (particularly hands and/or feet)

  • Change in movements/body language

  • Reduced bladder control/increased urge to urinate

  • Headaches

  • Irregular heart beat

  • Problems writing (including assembling thoughts/thinking clearly)

  • Changes to hand writing

  • Sensitivity to light

  • Difficulty processing visual information, particularly faster moving images

  • Spots in vision and/or blurred vision

  • Difficulty hearing

  • High pitch noise in ear(s)

  • New or increased food sensitivities

  • New or increased allergies

  • New or increased sensitivities to chemicals

  • Disrupted, disturbed, or poor sleep

  • Sensitivity and/or changes in smell

  • Sensitivity and/or changes in taste

  • Muscle/joint pain/cramping

  • Hair loss / hair thinning
  • Weak enamel / cracked teeth

Physical symptoms and "side" effects of carbon monoxide poisoning may [significantly] rise and fall depending on diet, environmental factors, and physical, mental, or emotional stress.

Short to mid term effects of carbon monoxide poisoning may also include mental, emotional/behavioral, and social symptoms/effects; and continue as long term effects.

Carbon monoxide poisoning is dangerous because it deprives all cells of oxygen and poisons them. It can cause brain injury, brain damage, and impact brain functioning.

Poisoning can also affect the heart, disrupt or damage endocrine function, and cause other kinds of damage.

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Questions? Want to share your opinion? Do it here...
i have speech problems from Carbon Monoxide
Jacob from sussex county
I need to fix my speech...plz

Sister had unsuccessful colonoscopy
carry from Sudbury
My sister had a colonoscopy which the which the doctor rammed the colonoscopy in harder, Made a hole and never even notice her body blowing up all over 5 times it regular size. This procedure was done Nov. 2013 and she has been sick ever since. Now she is loosing all her hair also. No one in the medical is even bothering with any follow-ups. It is just like nothing happened. What a medical system in Sudbury Ontario.

to karen from pennsylvania
chris from ma
Hi Karen I got a bad case of co poisoning Sometimes people get co poisoning feel better for a short period of time and then get extremely sick say 1 week to 1 month later thats what happened to me its called sequelae she may get a little better or she may not if you need a good doctor look up a doctor Lindell Weaver in salt lake city Utah He has diagnosed over 1000 cases of co Good Luck

can i sue my landlord for carbon monoxide poison
I really need to know the steps if any to sue my landlord for my family suffering fron carbon monoxide poisoning. They didn't replace my furnace,instead patched it up and for over a year we were exposed to low levels of carbon monoxide. The gas leaks got worse and the gas company came out. They found four leaks as well as noted 55 ppm of carbon monoxide coming through the vents. We didn't have to stay in the hospital but we all are still suffering from side effects. Is there anything I can do

Surgical face masks
Kali from Rhode Island
What is the danger of being forced to wear a surgical mask for 8 hours a day? By the end of the day I find it hard to breathe and my face is extremely hot. I also get very anxious.

joint pain
Timothy Basham from newport news
I was exposed to carbon monoxide and my joints hurt most of the time

Am i in danger of dimentia?
Jane Robinson from England
Isuffered carbon monoxide poisoning in 2005 since then my short term memory has got worse & I tend to stutter which I never did.1 now at the age of 52 are getting worried that I may be a candidate for dementia is this something I should prepare for?


Is my Work killing me?
Danni from BC, Canada
I work at a car auto show once a week where cars pass through lines and they sit there for up to 3 mins with their engines running.
I have been working there since January of 2013 and it's November now and I'm getting related symptoms.. Could I be poisoned?

I am having eye problems as well now that are similar to MS.. does anything of an opinion of what is happening to me? My eye doctor says my sight is getting better but I have a nerve is almost detached in one of my eyes. I'm just lost and confused in what is happening to me.

musclecramps not able to coordinate
angela from Detroit,mi.
My neighbor is renovating the home next door and using a generator for electrical usage. for about 4 days I've been feeling sluggish and sleepy a lot and bad muscle cramping. here in Detroit lately it been a high of 94degrees i use a fan in my window. so yesterday i noticed the my legs and head was hurting really bad. not knowing why because the fumes that was in theair was coming straight in my bedroom window. if it wasn't for my daughter coming in from the national guards bamming on the
bedroom door who knows what would've happened. he was told to move it but, he hasn't yet. so i now sleep in my daughters room with no fan in the window. feeling better untill it starts over again for hours at a tome

Exhaust Leak
Courtney from Tennessee
I turned 27 in January of 13'. I condsidered myself healthy. Then I started having issues with my vehicle. Shortly after, I started to develop strange health issues. These have been happening for about 5 months. Ive had symptoms similar to depression and anxiety, headaches, weight-loss, nausea, and thinning of the skin under my eyes and even my hair. My hands are constantly shaky, and i have bmuscle spasms and cramps. My most recent symptom is heart palpatations. It skips beats and somtimes feels like it completely stops.I cant concentrate, ever. my balance is off most of the time, and i really dont even feel like the same person.

Today I found out that I have a very bad exhaust leak on my car. In fact, the entire exhaust system was torn to pieces. My trunk isnt sealed very well, so all the fumes have been leaking into the vehicle. My mechanic told me that it was very dangerous, and that my symptoms could be a result of CO poisoning. Its a very scary possiblity. I dont know what to do next. Dr. Visit is logical, but i have no insurance. I really need some help.

Did she get poisoned??
Samantha Sargent from Oregon
My neighbor is loud while shes talking and she stares a lot, she also has a strong mildew odor, and no common sense. I don't know if any of those have anything to do with carbon monoxide poisoning or not but i would like to know. thanks :)

So sorry to all of you that go through what go through!
I too had long term low levels of CO poisoning in 2008.Now I live with the long term effects of it. I have ABI ( brain injury), Chorea, Dystonia, (two movement disorders) and was told today Fibromyalgia. I told them no I don't I had co poisoning and is there a specialist that can help me that has dealt with it before. I now have tendonitis from my movement disorder. I feel sick every morning. I have a pain management dr, primary dr, rumatologist, Neurologist, movement specalist. I went to a brain injury center where I did OT, PT, speech therapy, cognitive therapy, Nuropsyhcology, and life skills. I still have speech issues. I sweat all the time. I have major temp issues. I did Hyperbaric oxygen treatment in the begining for 40days straight. It felt like it opened my lungs. I am still tried and cannot do what I use to be able to do. i can no longer workout and sometimes in my wheelchair where I cant even lift my head it feels so heavy. When I do walk my left leg drags. In the heat of the summer all symptoms get worse. It has been a four year battle. The more I do the more sick I get loosing all functions. Even swallowing.
I will keep my faith and move forward with prayer. Most drs dont know how to help. Cortisone shots in my tight right thumb, muscle relaxors, hot baths, my wheelchair, sleep and eating good help most. Sometimes I dont feel like eating or it is a craving for crap. Hang in there friends. Get support! Stay strong the battle continues.

CM symptoms
Diane from Minnesota
my husband was working & running a tractor in a closed garage. He now is experiencing very sore muscles. He thinks it is his age 70 I think he has poisened himself as he was closed up for at least an hour. HELP

Hi i had a acute exposure and have symptoms i did not go to the er
Matt from Tennessee
Hi my exposure happened on april 4th of 2013 which was about 10 days ago i was in a enclosed building and i was just giving my gas weed trimmer a tune up for the year and changed the spark plug and then i gave the rope a few pulls and it wouldnt start at first and then gave a few more and it finely started i squeezed the trigger a few time to give it some gas and then turned it right back off and stayed in the enclosed area for about 10- 15mins without venting the area with fresh air i didnt feel any effects i did leave the area and then went back for a few more mins and then i left i then got a headache a few hours later it was a very bad migraine i had to lay down i took pain meds like over the counter and drank some caffeine to ease the pain it was one of the worse headaches i have ever had all i could do is pray that the pain would go away i went to sleep i felt so bad and the pain finely eased off i had no other symptoms the pain was in the left side of my head near the front does this sound like carbon monoxide poisoning ? i had ear pain in the left side too a day or 2 after the headache i also see spots in my vision like when you have a migraine that comes and goes and have problems understanding what people are saying from time to time and it feels like i have memory loss and confusion and my thinking feels kinda slowed not sure what is going on or if i got co poisoning.

Side effects of CM
Stephen R. from Minnesota
I have a part time job working in the evenings in a large auto shop. The doors are shut and only opened to let cars in/out. Some cars are left to idle. There is very little fresh air.
I feel fine when I get home but the next morning usually have upset stomach and sometimes slight flu-like symptoms. Is this CM related?

Could it cause a seizer

blurred vision in right eye
in may i loss the centre vision of my right eyes i use kerosine stove and i think it is always peppery when am cooking doc says it is autoimmune,optic neuritis papilitis i dont know at times i feel as though the eyes are growing
so what really is this heamorrage

blocked central heating caused monoxide poisioning
carole from england
im so cross that im having to fight my landlord because he sealed my vent for the cenral heating causing damp/mould and me my health,even the doctors and hospital put my health down to a virus/flu even though when i was away from my home my health vastly improved and after a year im a different person. my 1st signs that there was something wrong was sickness/headaches/weakness/tremers/shaking/tiredness please take notice of the signs and report any gas leaks and then mybe no one else will have to go through what my family did

Michael caston from New orleans
I had carbon monoxide poisoning in 2005 after hurricane katrina, I had 37.5. poisoning ,was in a comma for 6 days.balance is off sometimes its been 7 years today.I kept my faith in God..he is a healera ,restorer, provider.HE IS MORE THAT ENOUGH

Carbon Monoxide leak in house!
Today the gas guy came to replace the meter on my house (we rent an apartment in a house) and he tested our boiler and found it was letting off lethal amounts and had to turn off our heat. We are sooo lucky that it was being vented out the chimney or my husband, my daughter and myself would probably be dead by now. My landlord does not have carbon monoxide detectors in our apartment either so we had no way of knowing. Now wondering if exposure to carbon monoxide can cause nose bleeds?? My daughter has been having nose bleeds for the past few months. I've had headaches and we have all been extremely tired. Wondering if I should take legal action against my landlord?

Hand stiffness
Dillon from Mississauga- Canada

Advice to everyone re: illegal gas connections to appliances
Kevin N from Blackpool
This is for anyone who is going through the nightmare and extreme stress of rogue landlords who feel it their right to ignore gas safety regulation putting families lives at risk.


1) You as a tennant have the right to seek legal advice against your landlords for putting you and your families lives at risk.

2) Remember to retain the pink copy of you Gas Safety Certificate that should of been given to the tennant at the time of moving in to the property along with your tenancy agreement (this is a legal requirement)
So authorities can locate the landlord as well.
3) Grab your self a note pad and document every conversation you have with the landlord, and any other party involved with your gas or carbon monoxide issue. Write it down as accurate as possible(note date and time of conversations), rogue landlords have a habbit of making up excuses as they go along, however this is a dodgy game, they easily forget the falsified version of events and they easily slip up in a court of law.

4) Any documentation from the qualified engineer who diagnoses the gas leak or carbon monoxide readings.

5) If you have the opportunity to stay with the gas fitter, ask questions, note the answers with time and date, ask engineer if you can take photo of the area where gas is leaking after he has sprayed the leak detection spray on the faulty appliance ( the fluid from the spray will bubble up if the leak is present) in my case it was scary to watch knowing that me and my family were so close to loosing our lives. So upset, angry, and could not imagine loosing my family

6) Get legal advice as early as possible, if you are not very confident, ask the solicitor to act as mediator between yourself and the rogue landlord, that way they cannot harrass you and your family. If they do they will receive a stiffer penalty, at present 6 months prison sentence, huge fine and payout to tennant for damages, obligation to re-house tennant if house is not safe or no gas supply is present due to gas board cutting off supply, obligated to safely move your effects to the alternative, property, cannot pay rent on an unsafe property, you have so many rights, USE THEM ! The very best of luck, God Bless you all. Kevin

side effects
I had a house fire and since then my eyes are tearing constantly. I\'ve been given antibiotics, allergy pills, eye drops and nothing is helping. Could it be carbon monoxide?

Damage to Throat after inhaling Carbon Monoxide
Sharon K House from Oklahoma
I had problems with my car and was in it longer than I should have been. I got a real bad headache, sick to my stomach, sleepy and my throat burned. I now sound like I have a soar throat. My voice is raspy and my throat feels different than anything I have ever felt. I can\'t even describe the feeling. The Dr I saw said it was damage to my voice from the Carbon Monoxide. He put me on prednisone. I took two a day for 5 days but still feel the same. I also get sick at my stomach which could be the med. But every search I have tried says nothing about damage to the throat. I am concerned and not sure if I need to be seen by another Doctor. Can you help me.

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How would I know if I got carbon monoxide?
Catherine from Tampa
I was sitting in my car at the grocery store waiting for my sister with it running for about an hour. There was no problem that day, that night, but the next night I had a slight panic attack. (I HAVE had these in the past, so I don't know if I'm just being over anxious). Then I had one every night for 5 nights and kept waking up every 1 1/2 or so. I would fall back asleep after an hour or so, then sleep for another couple hours, then wake up again. Please tell me I'm just thinking crazy!!! Wouldn't it have caused something more and possibly sooner if it was from that? Just curious....

My Aunt was carbon monoxide poisoned
Karen from Pennsylvania
My Aunt is 77 years old and is a retired nurse who happened to also loose her hearing and was very hard of hearing. She unfortunately left her car running for approximately 17 hours in a garage attached to the side of her house. Her daughter found her with shallow breathing and the daughter slapped her mother, my aunt woke up and threw up. They called 911 and took her to a hospital and put her in the oxygen chamber. After 2 days in the ICU she was moved to a step down unit and was released 2 days later. She was cognitive and could carry on conversations and even drove her car again! She was good for about 12 days after leaving the hospital. Now she is in the hospital and can't talk, is incontinent, can't walk and looks like she has had a stroke. All tests have come back negative for stroke and they say her cat scan for her brain is the same as when she left the hospital. What can we do to help her? We are at our wits end. The neurologist has not been very helpful, we have asked to talk to a toxicologist but can't seem to get anyone to listen to us. I am a speech pathologist and I am trying pictures with my aunt but I'm not sure what she is seeing. Can anyone help us? THANK YOU!

Possible carbon monoxide poisoning?
Cynthia from Los Angeles
The apartment my daughter lived in was found to have a gas leak from the heater. The levels of carbon monoxide were so high it could cause death.

The owner pretended to fix it but didn't. My daughter became so ill she could barely walk, lost a lot of weight, can hardly chew or swallow, cannot sit up or stand up on her own, bones are transparent. We found this out when she fell and broke her arm. Doctors thought she may have hyperthyroidism but lab work came back normal she even had a protruding eye. She was exposed to carbon monoxide for two years.

The last time the gas company came out the problem had not been fixed. The owner lied when he said he fixed it. Could all these symptoms be carbon monoxide poisoning?

Carbon Monoxide Poisoned
Christine from Ohio
I was poisoned from 2002 8 months into 2003. We bought a home and it had CM leaking though it. We told our insurance company who at the time was American Family. They told us to just keep the windows open until the new furnance and hot water tank was installed in August! The whole family was exposed but I am a house hermit so I got the brunt of it all.

I have numerous health problems. The first doctor I had would\'t do anything he just said there is no after effects from carbon monoxide. I am sick all the time and in pain. Never gets any better just worse. I now have a heart condition I didn\\\'t have, seizures, fibromyalgia, memory problems etc.. almost all the symptoms that are on the page.

My hubby and my family especially my Mom is my rock. It is very hard to deal with let alone survive. No one understands what you are going though.

I am glad to have survived but it is a daily struggle.

We tried to sue the seller but she never showed up in court. She knew about the problem otherwise she would have shown up and faced the music. Instead she decided sell a home that had a serious problem and let a family suffer.

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