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Carbon monoxide poisoning
Social symptoms and after effects

Social symptoms and after effects of carbon monoxide poisoning may include:

  • Being [much] more withdrawn

  • Being [a lot] less social

  • A reduced capacity to tolerate stimulus: being around people, noises, activity, busy places, etc.

  • The potential for [significant] changes to relationships: partner, friends, work, and home life

Social symptoms and "side" effects of carbon monoxide poisoning may [significantly] rise and fall depending on diet, environmental factors, and physical, mental, or emotional stress.

Short to mid term effects of carbon monoxide poisoning may also include physical, mental, and emotional/behavioral symptoms/effects; and continue as long term effects.

Carbon monoxide poisoning is dangerous because it deprives all cells of oxygen and poisons them. It can cause brain injury, brain damage, and impact brain functioning.

Poisoning can also affect the heart, disrupt or damage endocrine function, and cause other kinds of damage.

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