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Carbon monoxide poisoning
What every survivor should know

In this video a survivor talks about his carbon monoxide poisoning and important lessons learned along the way. Armed with this information other survivors may be able to avoid a great deal of difficulty, frustration and expense.

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Thank you for this web-site
Cynthia from Greensboro, NC
I feel somewhat better knowing that I have now an answer to my symptoms that I can accept. Your video was my experiences to a tee. I still feel depressed though not knowing if I will ever be normal again.

Hi Mary
Karen Jaime from So.Lake Tahoe, Ca.
I think I saw about 40 Drs. collectivly. Mis- diagnosed everytime. I had long term exposure w/ low emmission for 9 years in my home. I even started a support group for cronically ill people.I felt so alone and my family gave up on me claiming I was just trying to get attention fron my husbands death, several years before.I was the one who on a hunch called the Gas Co. and discovered the leak. When I approched my Drs. with this new discovery, only my neurologist would own up to his part in not testing me.This went on for several years. I still feel brain damage, numbness in my left hand and fingers, dizzy spells, blurred vision, panic attacks. The list goes on:(

misdiagnosed for 7 yrs
mary anne from new jersey
How can DR's not know & not listen. All they would say -probably stress-one med after another.
I went to the ER so many times & they didnt pick up on this. How can they be made aware of this?

What kind of DR should I be seeing?

Questions? Want to share your opinion? Do it here...
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Carbon monoxide poisoning: What every survivor and their family should know

William knew that something was wrong with his health but had no idea that he was suffering from chronic carbon monoxide poisoning caused by an improperly installed furnace in his home.

After five winters of breathing unsafe carbon monoxide levels his furnace then malfunctioned after a power outgage and discharged a large amount of carbon monoxide gas into his home.

He then suffered from a serious case of acute carbon monoxide poisoning. Found unconscious and almost dead by a neighbor he was rushed to hospital.

Poisoning was only the begining of what turned out to be a long hard road.

Left with long term symptoms and unable to function anywhere near the way he once did, he was thrust into a medical system that was unable to help.

One health specialist after another seemed unable to offer any solid explanation or relief from the ongoing effects of poisoning. In fact, many "treatments" made his ongoing effects worse.

Trapped in the depths of a long list of health issues, healing and recovery seemed light years away. A happy normal life looked to be a thing of the past.

Refusing to accept a life sentence of endless health issues including extreme physical and mental exhaustion, extreme food and chemical sensitivities, and a brain that wouldn't work he took responsibility for his own health and recovery - at a time when he was least able to do so.

This is how one survivor faced challenges the "experts" said could not be overcome. How he found his way out of the dark world of brain and cellular injury caused by carbon monoxide poisoning.

More imporantly, this is a story of how any survivor can beat the odds and overcome the toxic echoes of poisoning. Carbon monoxide recovery is possible.


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