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Carbon monoxide poisoning years ago
I seem to be ok: Could it have affected me more than I realize?

Carbon monoxide poisoning affects people differently. There is no way to know or predict what will occur in the years following poisoning.

Some survivors become aware of their after effects almost immediately after their poisoning. For other survivors the effects may be subtle and it may take a long time to understand that they have been impacted. Other survivors may never "connect the dots" and realize they have been living in the shadow of carbon monoxide poisoning. There are also a good number of survivors that do not seem to be affected at all.

The problem is, carbon monoxide statistics are unreliable, so there is no real way to know what percentage actually fall into each of the four groups.

It is well known that poisoning can damage the brain, nervous system, endocrine system, heart, and other cells. If the functioning of any system in the body or brain is impacted, even in a subtle way, it can have an impact on the health and life experience of a suvivor.

Carbon monoxide poisoning can impact the life of a survivor in many subtle yet significant ways. If a survivor knows what to look for they may be able to look back on their life and come to understand that they have in fact been influenced by the their poisoning.

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so like does co affect the hair?
Patty from zachary , la.
i mean i was poisoned more than a decade ago n yeap i have most of the symptoms dissuced here on this site but heres the thing i'm wondering about ok when i woke up from the 10 day or so coma i was in ok like i'm not sure how long i was in the coma yup cause like i was Sleeping! but anywho the question i have n maybe someone could answer it ok i was found in my garage with the car still going on wel the engine had died due to the lack of air in the garage but like i've still to this day have a bald spot on my head its cool though i have longer hair so like even when i pull it up u can't see the spot so its really inconsquenal but like it IS there so like do yall think it'll ever come back?

Questions? Want to share your opinion? Do it here...
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