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Carbon monoxide poisoning can happen in any number of ways. Some poisonings are intentional but most are accidental. Some are one time events but low level multiple poisonings are much much much more common than recognized.

Some say for each case diagnosed there are at least 10 that are missed. We believe the number to be even higher.

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Poisoned 4 years ago and this has helped...
I was poisoned 4 years ago from a stopped up chimney accompanied by an open wood stove.

The poisoning effected my short-term memory.

4 yeas later my short-term memory is better than it was after the accident but I still struggle.

The first year or two were very difficult but I have noticed that every 3 -4 months or so, my memory capabilities get a little better.

Recently however, my memory has gotten significantly better.

About 3 weeks ago I started taking DHA.

Within a day or so of taking DHA I noticed a different feeling in my brain.

The feeling is as if my brain has been given a lube job (best way that I can describe it).

I have no clinical evidence that the DHA has made a difference, only experiential evidence, so it may all be a coincidence.

Regardless, the improvement has been significant enough that I would like others to consider the opportunity to try DHA and put their findings here on this website.

I have been tinkering with the dosage that I take but am not sure how I would measure the results in the difference in these dosages.

Sometimes I take 2 pills with breakfast. Sometimes I take an additional 2 in the evening.

One day, I tried taking 1 with each meal.

The label on packaging denotes the following:

Serving Size: 2 Soft Gels
Total Omega-3s = 1160 mg
EPA - 180mg
DHA = 900 mg
Other Omega 3s = 80MG

I am just starting my second bottle and I am sticking with the brand that I use.

I don't want to state the name of the brand that I use as I don't think it is relevant.

However, I would like to note that I am under the impression that the brand that I use is of a very good quality (I avoided the cheaper brands).

Hopefully DHA will help others.

Propane Fume poisoning
KC from California
My company where i work just moved into a closed environment office building a couple months ago. The propane company initially wouldn't put propane in the tank because they said there was a leak. The repair person supposedly fixed the leak, and installed 2 CO detectors which were not alerting of CO. But i could still smell a heavy metalic smell that was sickening and i got sicker and sicker each day with shortness of breath, and burning lungs, headaches, dizziness, nausea, heart palpitations, exhaustion, confusion and started having trouble with speaking. Symptoms would ease off each day after several hours away from the work site, until after 10 days of exposure I finally went to the hospital. All they did was check my oxygen with the external clip and said I was fine. It has taken me 2 weeks to feel almost normal and be able to move around without getting completely winded and my lungs burning! My chest still feels heavy and sore. I have been reading a bit about combustible fuel detectors and am learning that CO detectors do not protect you with propane leaks! Why is our heater repair company using a CO detector only and has placed it by the ceiling?

i can smell Carbon monoxide
Debra Parker from England
I was visiting my partners nan and when we open the door this smell hit me but no one else could smell it. It was like gas but different we rang the gas board to report it they came out and said the boiler was broke it was throwing out Carbon monoxide he said 15 minutes later and nan would have been dead

Just V from Hove. East Sussex
I have been getting CMP for the last year. Headaches vomiting, dizziness etc and nobody believed me. I recently could not stand my symptoms anymore so insisted on having my bedroom ceiling ripped down to expose the boiler flue. Found the answer with holes that had developed in the flue. All I can say is how lucky I am that I slept with my bedroom window open!! Please take note everyone out there.. I even had CM detectors that never alarmed because apparently not close enough to the exposure.

The night our lives changed
Shelly from Washington
October 2, 2004 My husband and I were camping on a river bank. Had a wonderful evening just the 2 of us, chatting around a campfire with the moon shining on us and listening to the water flow by. We went to bed early so he could get up and fish early. I remember getting up around 3, am to use the bathroom, my husband could not sleep so he was watching a movie, I found black spots all over the toilet. I remember we discussed what they could be, thought condensation of some sort. I returned to bed. The rest of this is what I have been told by my husband. He got up to go fish, thankfully he always kisses me, when he did he found me cold, blue, eyes rolled, unresponsive, he thought I was dead. He said he started yelling not knowing what to do he ran outside the travel trailer a couple times, then it hit him Carbon monoxide (CMP). He came back in the trailer and was talking, wierd thing is I started to hear him. He has had anxiety attacks in the past and thought he was having one, so I was telling him to get some air outside (he says I never said a word). But I must of made a noise because he said at that point he knew I was still alive. He drug me out of the trailer by my feet (he could not carry me because he was weak from the CMP too). He said he heard a boat coming so he flagged the boater down. The guy would not come to shore to help him, but he did call 911. The guy thought he was on drugs. One thing with CMP is that you have no saliva. So he was talking wierd. fire department showed up across the river. So my husband knew he needed to get me help by himself. He got me dressed and into the pickup. When we got to the gate there was a sheriff there trying to get to us. This is where I started to know somewhat of what was going on. I was so tired, could not keep my eyes open. The sheriff led us to an ambulance a few miles down the road. My husband just kept yelling at me, you need to stay awake. We got into the ambulance and received oxygen and were taken to the local hospital. My CM level was 27.5 his was 22.7, they said not much longer and we would of died. He was doing ok. I guess I was worse, the second test showed CM level at 19. I needed transported to go into the hyperbaric chamber. I was fitted with what I call is my astronaut helmet, a doctor had to be in there with me. Everything was like a fog. My life still is a fog. I have memory loss, my schooling or my kids schooling. I forget to turn on my curling iron when I plug it in, I can not remember who I talked to by the end of the day. I can not work because I forget remember who calls for information, I can not remember time, 5 minutes is hours, days are really weeks or months, I have a hard time with numbers. I have to really think hard before I talk, words are backwards or I mix up 2 words into one. my brain feels like it is in a vice and starts to throb. My legs and arms go numb and tingle.
my doctor thinks I am crazy. They sent me for tests. They say I am just depressed. They want to send me for a Neuro appointment that is $225.00 an hour, which takes 6 hours just to tell me I can not remember. All tests come back normal. I have told them it is from the CMP. I am trying to get help with getting on SSD. But my doctor says that unless you are physically disabled there is always jobs out there. What job is out there that you don not have to use your brain and think?
There is so many things that have changed for me since that day that it is hard to list them all. I am reminded everyday about our CMP experience due to things I forget.
Understanding jokes, or things I read is so hard. Running the microwave, remembering that we need to eat at some point in the day. Remembering meals that can be fixed. It just takes so much to remember things. I pray for all of you that are like me. It is a never ending list of changes.

Thank you so very much for this website. Until today I had no idea so many people felt the same as me. I know now that my problems are 100 % from the CMP.
I can\\\'t express what this website means to me.

Recent poisoning
KellyAnn from Michigan
It is unbelievable that in today\\\\\\\'s day and age, there is such little research regarding this horrible problem. I believe many people have long term poisoning, and are being misdiagnosed with other problems such as MS, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia and so forth. I did not have the catastrophic event where I was unconscious. Mine was over a period of at least a year, possibly two. It wasn\\\\\\\'t until I was walking into things, had parkinsonium syndrome, and speech problems did I realize this was not just MS as I\\\\\\\'d been told. Luckily, a handy man saw me, had a CO meter, and found my gas stove was faulty. Guess who does a lot of cooking and dishes, which my sink is right next to the stove. I have since learned that if you don\\\\\\\'t get tested within four hours of a big exposure, they really can\\\\\\\'t find it in a blood test. I had left the house, stayed at my mothers overnight, then decided I needed to get treated cause I could hardly walk or speak. Since it didn\\\\\\\'t show up on the blood test as anything significant at the hospital, they basically kicked me out, acting like I was nuts. It took me twenty minutes to find my car parked right in front of the entrance. I hope that I can get enough cognitive function back full time in order to do something to remedy the lack of concern over survivors of this.

Carbon monoxide suicide
E. Rabener from Beverly Hills, CA
My beautiful sister took her own life last Christmas Day 2012. She was my best friend. I feel hollow inside and I now have cancer. I am not afraid of death but I would never commit suicide. What really kills me is that Wikipedia has explicit instructions on how to kill yourself in the bathroom with Weber Grills and duct tape! SHAME ON THEM I am so heartbroken. She was my advocate and best friend and I feel like my life is almost over too. I am going to refuse chemo because when it's my time then it's my time and I will have to go join her. I feel so empty and hollow inside and I can't stop crying!

Voice impairment
Rob McIntyre from New Zealand
1974, aged 34, my friend and I clipped a rock while boating off Vancouver Island and the prop shaft broke. It was cold, we lit the BBQ to keep warm. Yeah, right, we idiots didn't take care of ventilation and woke up 2am paralysed and conversing normally not knowing we had anything wrong with us. In the morning a float plane found us and landed near by. Still paralysed, yet still not knowing anything was wrong we couldn,t stand the noise of the plane's engine. The pilot called out asking if we were ok. We both yelled back that he was making too much noise and told him where to go. Charming, right?
The plane left. Police found us later and lifted our unconscious bodies out of the boat. The Doc said another half hour we were gonners.
I began noticing voice and nervous problems as time went by and acquired spasmodic dysphonia within 12 years. Apprehension in answering the phone, you name it. Being a lively and go for it business person has not been easy with the CO shackles. Age 72 now and still kicking. My friend? Killed himself in an Alpha Romeo misjudging the distance to a corner while passing a truck and trailer.
I can be contacted at rngmac@xtra.co.nz

Walkathon Across America for Environmental Illness / MCS
Jennifer Parker from Somers Point, N.J.
We are organizing Walkathons Across America for May 5, 2013. We are very excited and in fact have 9 planned 8 in the USA and one in Canada. We are hoping to sign all over the USA and even Canada. We announced our walkathons for environmental illness caused by Toxic mold, chemical exposure and carbon monoxide poisoning. Please look up our website we are looking for captains to run each state. We will be supplying everything needed including a tee shirt for each walker and a healthy snack. Also literature and have been promised news and radio coverage. Anotherwords this is a chance to go national, and no longer be known as the silent homeless. Please join us!! website: www.thejenniferparkerfoundation.org
Home page click on walkaton then click under USA flag to see if we are in your state yet.

Mary Ann Parker

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning: Real, Deadly; Truly a Silent Killer
Barbara Moldenhauer from Shelton, WA.
Nov. 22, 2011. Still feeling the Bad side-effects of our poisoning from Sept.2011:
We were boating on our well-maintained Grand Banks Cruiser '42, (from Shelton, WA.) to Gig Harbor for the start of our First boating vacation as newly Retired "old People". Beautiful day; sunny but cool. The harbor was somewhat busy but the Mooring buoy off the Public Dock was available, so we took it.
In the late afternoon, My husband, Dan was on the aft deck B-B Q-ing Chicken (outdoors) and I was watching from above on the fly bridge deck. The day was perfect...still, no wind, Absolutely gorgeous; not even a slight breeze; Water smooth as a mirror. Then I notice stinky, smoke fumes filling the harbor dock and all around us. I couldn’t believe how bad it was and how long this guy was running his motor and revving his engine. It was a red/orange Donzy (an offshore racing boat). I said to Dan: “That guy’s stinking up the Harbor. It’s going to ruin our dinner!” *That is virtually the last thing I remember until almost 10 hrs. later in the Gig Harbor Hospital.
Apparently around 10 P.M. Dan was awakened to me getting violently ill (vomiting so forcefully that for months after my ribs were very painful.) Even though he was effected too, he was able to function enough to call our daughter who then told him to call 911. Unfortunately he had to maneuver the boat to dock and worry about me at the same time. According to the EMT's he did a great job. That said; that's probably why no one thought he was ill. They didn't think to check him out even later in the hospital when they realized that I had CO poisoning. I almost died of CO poisoning. I spent 3 days in hospital and over a year later still suffer from many side effects. Both of us have memory problems as well as other health issues since.
Long story short...and believe me this could be a longer story...my point is: When it’s happening, you don’t know it!! If Dan hadn’t woke up when I was vomiting and got help; who knows...
Some information I have been told via doctors and “Old Seaman”: Carbon Monoxide attaches itself to Protein (our chicken). When it gets into your body, by air or ingesting it, it replaces the oxygen in your system. Without Oxygen in your brain the cells die; thus the memory loss. It affects every cell in your body. They don’t know a lot about CO Poisoning because most people that get ill with it die__ they also haven’t seemed to do follow-up research on those that have survived. One more thing: They tested my blood on arrival in ER and the CO level was high but the 2nd. test approx. 10 hrs. later was even higher. That is why they know I had ingested it probably from the chicken. The treatment I received was Lots of O2 (Face mask) and lots of fluids. I am assuming to "Flush" the system.
I have little to no answers, except to be cautious when around other boats. (the smell of fuel makes me ill now.) Make sure You have a good, working, Preferable new CO detector. (even in your home, not just boats...we had one, and the EMT's checked our boat and found they NO CO aboard.)
Carbon Monoxide Poisoning is Real and Deadly and Truly "A Silent Killer".
Barbara Moldenhauer

carbon monoxied poison
kelly lloyd from utah

My name is Kelly Lloyd I worked on and off for STAKER PARSON as a truck driver for over 17 yrs. I got CARBON MONOXIED POISONING, YOU CAN SEE MY STORY...http://dizzydriver.com/
For 3 years I was getting a low dose, long term exposure to carbon monoxide. From exhaust leaks in the truck I was driving.
I filed a claim with Workman’s Compensation. While waiting for a court date, I was seeing a hyperbaric doctor to see if I could get treatment. That is when I was terminated from STAKER, and lost ALL INSURANCE COVERAGE. When I went to court, I was denied the repair records, to prove the repairs that were made to the truck I had been driving. My claim was denied. STAKER DIDN'T dispute that I had more then one leak in the exhaust system of my truck they had to repair. They said that my claim about the repairs was OVER EXAGGERATED.
I have lots of brain damage and can't work or concentrate on anything for very long.
Now I have to be on SS disability whi
ch don’t pay very much. I would rather be working but unable to because of all the damage left behind from the carbon monoxide exposure.
I have been trying to come up with a way to support my family without financial support from other family members, but not being able to work it has been next to impossible. I have a friend who knows how to build websites, so he and I got the idea to start a classified website. I am not asking for money or donations, all I need is for people to list things they want to sell.... It is completely FREE. My goal is to be able to support myself and my family again.
Please help out by listing on our new web site. ( http://knbclassifieds.com/ )

car carbon monoxide poisoning 1940\'s
anita from new zealand
My mother and father have always told the tale of me as a pre-schooler being rescued from the back of an old DeSoto car my father used to drive. (1940\'s sometime post war years)
They heard me \"whimpering\" in the back seat. On examination I was barely conscious and a terrible color. My father tipped me upside down, slapped my back and the most foul vomit followed. No such thing as oxygen therapy in those days or even a trip to the hospital. It was rest overnight, visit to the garage the next day to check the exhaust etc. The garage owner told mum and dad that a farmer had lost all his dogs the week before from the same thing Carbon Monoxide Poisoning from a faulty exhaust system. It is only recently that we were again talking about the experience and I thought to check on CMP and possible long term effects.
Indeed there are many.
I am now pondering on the fact that I have a terrible short term memory and have very limited maths ability. Who knows! Maybe thats just the way I am but definitely food for thought for me!

a small bit of my poisoning story, and a request to communicate
Leo from Pleasant Valley, New York
my poisoning was back in May 1973- a one time severe poisoning. I was in the hospital for two and a half months afterward and am told I was asking people if they were my real mother (my parents had divorced three years earlier). I remember nothing of the first month and a half and only a few bits and pieces of the last month. To this day I still have problems forming memories- my short term memory is \"okay\", as is my long term memory. It is in the TRANSFERENCE of information from my short term to long term memory where the difficulty lies, and I believe this is where the difficulty lies with all of us involved in the one time severe poisonings. I\'ve been waiting decades to share my experiences and learn from other survivors\' experiences, and I believe this website provides my best chance so far- you can contact me at leomuller22@hvc.rr.com. I am also on facebook as Leonard Muller in Pleasant Valley, N.Y. if you would rather leave a message there. I very much look forward to communicating with one and all

Recent Carbon Monoxide Poisoning
Jenny from Michigan
A week ago my family had the scare of our lives. We were camping in a motorhome and in the early morning our LP gas alarm went off. As soon as it did I managed to sit up in bed with the worse head pain I have ever felt in my life along with nausea, dizziness, and some hallucinations. I knew something was very wrong and went to check on my children. I could barely make it outside, but made it to the grass and layed down. My husband had a headache and my 8 year old daughter had a belly ache and was very tired. Amazingly my 4 year old had no symptoms. A family friend was also with us on our trip and she was suffering from the same symptoms as I. My husband took us to the ER where we were treated for acute carbon monoxide poisoning. We were treated with 100% oxygen for about 6 hours and then were released. We have continued to have symptoms since the poisoning. I have headaches daily along with the feeling of my heart beating out of my chest. I tried to drive for the first time today and I felt very unsafe and very confused. My question to everyone is.... Is this normal after poisoning? and how long can we expect to feel like this? Thank you for listening to our story and providing any feedback you can.

dsadasdsa from sadsad

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