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Carbon monoxide test for exposure and poisoning at some point in the past

While a carbon monoxide test to confirm multiple low level CO poisonings would be extremely useful and important, such a test has yet to be developed. Please contact us if you are aware of such a carbon monoxide test.

While there are no medical carbon monoxide tests that can directly confirm a person has been exposed to and poisoned by carbon monoxide at some point in the past, there are tests that can indirectly point to the likelihood of carbon monoxide poisoning.

However, a person may have "normal" test results but continue to experience symptoms and after effects typical of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Carbon monoxide poisoning and the circumstances that caused it can leave footprints. The likelihood of previous exposure(s) and therefore poisoning(s) can be investigated several ways. Investigation is the "carbon monoxide test".

The following questions can help determine the likelihood of having been in an environment with unsafe levels of carbon monoxide.

If you suspect you may have had carbon monoxide exposure one-time in the past:

If you suspect you may have had carbon monoxide exposure multiple times in the past:

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Blood gas comparison for detection of long term CO exp.
Cheryl Stewart from The Dalles, Or
The blood gas test as described on the MCSRR.org web site does detect the results of carbon monoxide poisoning. It cannot detect the CO, as it is not in the body long, but the resulting hypoxia can be detected by comparing veinous and arterial blood gas levels. It basically shows how much oxygen is being used - the difference between in - arterial and out - venous. I believe that this is a good reflection, as after doing the oxygen therapy, as described on that site, the blood gas comparison returned to normal - I was no longer hypoxic. Also many of the symptoms of I had been experiencing for 25 years went away. I had multiple on-going low level exposures for nine years. The hypoxia could have been caused by something other than CO, but I do have documented exposures.
Thank you for this site.

Tina from Oakland,Ca
When I'm in a certain room at work I get very sleepy I can't controllit .there is a laundry closet opposite of my desk that ax always closed while dryer is operating. I have no control over the way this is going on. Children are always sick on going coughing headaches etc. I'm just really realizing this.

long term chronic CO exposure
Jan Legnitto from New York
Does anyone know whether it's possible to experience long term chronic CO poisoning that doesn't set off a CO alarm? I smell oil fumes. Sometimes when I enter my apartment, I experience a burning sensation on my skin. But when health inspectors have been in my building to test, they say readings are at the top of what constitues safe limits. My symptoms include brain fog, what feels like brain inflammation, often a feeling of facial paralysis and a severe allergic reaction with sneezing and a lot of mucuous. When I go to other locations, indoors and outdoors, I feel better. Is there a blood test that would detect a CO exposure problem?

2 questions
Mary Hansen from CA
Two things neurologist mentioned:
1-CO poisoning can happen in the summer-husband in ER twice in July w/major symptoms/ it was diagnosed as heat exhaustion. Passed out twice on way to ER but
sodium level was extremely low so \"it wasn\'t CO\" per
2-We had blood tests 12 days after furnace turned off.
Still had high scores but he said there are \'calculators\"-
professional trained to calibrate the score 12 days ago. - sodium scores or summer diagnosis. Any info on this?

At last I know what is wrong with me
Wendy from Florida
I was exposed to carbon monoxide poisioning when I was 13 years old (back in 1965). My first exposure was the 45 minute drive to my Aunt & Uncles house and the second exposure was on the 45 minute trip back. I was sick the whole time I was at my Aunt & Uncles house but by the time we got back home I had lost conscionceness. When I came to I was so sick. My parents called the Doctor and he said that I had Carbon Monoxide poisioning but would be OK within the next few days.

I did not do well in school, I did not learn well, could'nt concentrate (still can't) and my memory is awful.

At the age of 58 I still have problems learnig and can only do jobs that don't require me to think alot (entry level jobs). I feel like such a failure and I feel like I'm stupid and nobody else knows what it's like to be me. I've tried to tell people that my brain was damaged by carbon moxide poisioning but they don't believe me. Does anyone else out there share my pain?

Possible test
Monica from Colorado
I went in for a neuropsych evaluation after I had been struggling with the after effects Of CO poisoning for 5 years.

This is very extensive testing of a person's brain functioning. Usually, it is administered by a specialist in neuropsychology. In my case, I went in and took tests every morning for two weeks. At the end I was given an 11 page report that covered every aspect of my condition.

It was a little depressing to read, but I also felt relief - my symptoms were real - I wasn't making them up.

I plan to take this info into my shrink and see if we can't come up with some sort of treatment plan.

I suggest that all who feel they have long term damage take advantage of this testing process.

Questions? Want to share your opinion? Do it here...
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