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Carbon monoxide testing: Using brain scans to test for exposure or poisoning

There are many different types of brain scanning / imaging technology in use today, none of which do carbon monoxide testing directly to test for poisoning or previous exposure.

Imaging technology / brain scans reveal physical damage, scar tissue, areas of reduced/increased blood flow, areas of reduced/increased metabolism, and other indicators that may indirectly point to damage caused by carbon monoxide poisoning.

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) , Computed tomography (CT), and Single photon emission computed tomography (SPECT) are imaging / scanning technologies in use.

EEG topography is not a brain scan but a technology that places electrodes on the scalp to measure and identify [abnormal] electrical activity in the brain.

Testing, scanning, symptoms, and investigation of circumstances and potential carbon monoxide sources could lead to a medical diagnosis.

However, a survivor may have a normal looking brain scan(s) and still be experiencing short term symptoms and effects and long term effects. Just because a brain scan looks "normal" does not mean a person is unaffected.

Please contact us if you are aware of a scanning or imaging technology that can directly test for carbon monoxide poisoning.

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43PPM CO level everyday for 6.5weeks @ 14 dr hrs& 10hr reset
I,know how everyone feels. I was driving a long haul route for 6.5 week\'s. I finally started to halusinate . I was stuck I a snow storm for 6 hrs.before my wife somehow convinced my to call 911. When I was finally picked up,by the ambulance and brought to the hospital, 6 hrs.had gone by, my CO levels were so high 3 Dr.told me I should not be alive. If that doesn\'t make your blood boil nothing will. The Semi I was driving had a cracked exhaust manifold and a cracked turbo clamp, so all the exhaust was pumping into the truck and sleeper. I lived in that old 650,000 mile truck 6.5 days a week breathing all that position. I even contacted the company I work for and complained about it but always got voice mail and a real nasty text from the Persian in charge of SAFETY...and she proceeded to ream me a new one. So I am now on work-comp not making even close to what I was and dealing with major memory gaps in my thought process, short tempered, dizziness along with a 24he.a day headache and an annoying ringing in my head. I sometimes feel I\'m all alone. The Dr.look at you like your full of carp, \"Oh it\'s all in your head\",.No carp Dr. And you went to school for how long to say those exact words.

areas of the brain most easily damaged by co poisoning
karl from newzealand
Can anyone list the areas of the brain that are affected in order from first to last affected; I may reuire this info for my dr. My health continues to decline and i am seriously considering checking out; there really doesnt seem to be any answers for this horrendous condition; A chat room/ and message board would be real useful on this site

Questions? Want to share your opinion? Do it here...
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