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Carbon monoxide: the invisible iceberg?

carbon monoxide expertThis interview features carbon monoxide expert Bob Dwyer - former Director of training for the Carbon Monoxide Safety Association, and also Bacharach Inc, a manufacturer of environmental test instruments.

(the interview is about 1 hour)

Bob has consulted in carbon monoxide awareness, testing and prevention since 1989. In 1991 he began daily measuring of carbon monoxide as part of his work and in 1995 began testing through breath analysis demonstrations.

Carbon monoxide levels - how much is too much?

Bob literally "wrote the book" on carbon monoxide safety.

He is co-author of "Carbon Monoxide, a Clear and Present Danger", and has written articles for trade magazines related to the prevention of carbon monoxide poisoning.

His current publication "Carbon Monoxide Safety for the Health Care Provider; a student handbook" is in final draft and will give those in health care "more than the traditional 10 minutes of acute CO poisoning education.”

He has consulted with gas and electric utility companies, fuel suppliers, public utility commissions, HVAC equipment manufacturers and service companies, state agencies, legal counsel, municipalities, test instrument manufacturers, inspection, fire/EMS, education, victims and survivors of carbon monoxide poisoning, and medical education programs.

For 13 years he was the Director of Training for Bacharach, Inc., a U.S. manufacturer of environmental test instruments.

His activities as Director of Training included training education instructors and technicians in health sciences relating to carbon monoxide safety, combustion system analysis, combustion equipment verification, building pressure influences on carbon monoxide generation & dispersion, green awareness and safety as it relates to energy auditing.

Bob maintains the daily and blogged Carbon Monoxide News for the Carbon Monoxide Safety Association and promotes carbon monoxide awareness training and certification.

He graduated from Iowa State University in 1972 with a Bachelor of Science Physical Education

Bob Dwyer is available for instruction and consultation. He can be contacted here.

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This stuff is scarey as hell
This is eye opening but also very frightening.

God only knows what we are all really being exposed to and how it's poisoning each and every one of us and all the beings on this planet.

Questions? Want to share your opinion? Do it here...
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